Product Questions

Can I install a radiator myself?

You are free to purchase your radiator directly from us and we strongly recommend the radiator be installed by a licensed professional plumber or HVAC contractor.

Do I need the installation kit that is included?

The kit you will need is included with each radiator. Each radiator comes with brackets for the walls and fittings made specifically to install each of our products.

Which radiator should I purchase to replace my steam radiator?

Our Alustal product is a modern, efficient replacement for your outdated steam radiator. 

Can I get the Alustal product in another color?

At this time we only offer the Alustal in Pure White.

Will the radiators work if my water temperature is higher or lower than the listed water temperatures?

Yes, they will! The BTU output will be higher with a higher water temperature or lower with a lower water temperature. Keep in mind these units are highly efficient and operate with a high output at a lower water temperature.

How does radiant heat work?

Radiant heat works similar to the sun. It heats objects, not the air.

Can I use the Cool product to heat my bathroom?

Our Cool radiator will provide heat. You will need to know the BTU requirement in order to size the radiator properly.

How do I know how much heat I need?

Your professional installer will be able to provide that information.

Where will be radiator ship from?

All radiators ship from the United States.

Refund and Returns Questions

Can I return products if I am unhappy with them?

If you're unhappy with your product you can return it within 30 days of the delivery date. All returned products must be in original condition and not previously installed. Return shipping is at customers expense.

Defective products will need authorization to be returned, please email us for authorization.