Energy Recovery Ventilators

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Energy Recovery Ventilators

Our Dri FlexAir Energy Recovery Ventilators let you enjoy the fresh-air feel of an open window with virtually little or no heat or energy loss.

  • Replace stale, polluted indoor air with fresher, healthier and oxygen rich outside air.
  • Ideal for tightly sealed new commercial building and modern homes.
  • Compact unit size allows it to be retrofitted with your existing air conditioning system to enhance the indoor air quality.

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Better Indoor Air Quality

Energy Saving

Humidity Control

About Energy Recovery Ventilators

The heart of the Energy Recovery Ventilator is the EcoFresh desiccant coated energy recovery wheel, which slowly rotates between its two sections. In one section, the stale, conditioned air is passed through the wheel, and exhausted to the atmosphere. During this process, the wheel absorbs sensible and latent energy from the conditioned air, which is used to pre-condition the incoming fresh air in the other section, during the second half of its rotation cycle.

Thus, you can have more fresh air at lower energy costs inside your conditioned space.

Ideal for:

  • Residential: Apartment complexes, homes, luxury villas
  • Light Commercial: Showrooms, pubs, gyms, spas, beauty saloons, cafeterias
  • Commercial: Cabins, conference rooms, institutions, labs, specialty clinics, offices, auditoriums, and more

Product Documentation

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